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Want Equity in Schools? How About We Start With Equity in Electing Leaders

White Unions Have Dominated School Board Elections for Decades. It’s Time For Power to Shift to People of Color.    

Did you happen to catch the sad little Facebook dust-up in which a handful of white liberals attempted to explain to mayoral candidate Nekima Levy-Pounds why her stance on K-12 education was not what black people should believe?

It was the height of whitesplaining. Lots of use of the word “neo-liberal.” Lots of attempts to convince Levy-Pounds – possibly the Twin Cities most visible civil rights attorney of the moment – that schools that got money from philanthropists could not possibly serve her kids.

There was zero listening. No interest in her family’s experience–and minus zero if it was a good experience outside the traditional system. No interest in the discussion of equity she – a mother who has had children in traditional public, public charter and private schools – attempted to advance. Just political camps organized around tired conspiracy theories holding the status quo out to be the best thing since sliced bread.

It would have been funny if it weren’t such a deafening display of privilege. Adult and white.

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St. Paul’s Equity Champions White-Splain Some Things to Black Lives Matter

So that didn’t take long.

Members of the St. Paul Public Schools Caucus for Change, the supporters of last year’s teacher-union organized drive to oust and replace four school board members, are using their Facebook page to urge their brethren to disavow Black Lives Matter St. Paul.

The Caucus for Change, you might recall, billed the campaign as a grassroots effort to ensure greater equity in St. Paul schools. The St. Paul Federation of teachers organized the drive, but parents and community members were depicted as the driving forces behind a clarion call for change.

Which might explain why Caucus members are attempting to delegitimize the leader of Black Lives Matter St. Paul, and to “white-splain” away the racially inflammatory Como High teacher rant that started the maelstrom.

“I have been told the BLM St Paul is not a legitimate arm of the national Black Lives Matters Group,” a woman named Cindy Bevier posted to the Caucus thread in question this morning. “It is a rogue group that obviously has unwarranted power over the Saint Paul Public Schools. To be able to get a teacher suspended because of non-racist remarks on FB about the situation at school shows little backbone on the part of the school district. What a travesty.” Continue reading