At Toasty’s Coffee Shop, They Just Want to Warm You Up

Inside a New Orleans School That’s Found a New Way to Help Graduates with Disabilities Work Toward Independence

There are two really good reasons why you should read my latest story:

  1. Because Duong and Torian, who served me a mighty fine cup of coffee at their school’s coffeeshop, are heartwarming charmers. That’s Torian in the photo above, and he is just that smiley!
  2. Because the way that New Orleans has restructured services for students with disabilities has game-changing potential. In short, schools can now concentrate on what each individual young person needs to reach their highest potential without worrying that meeting those needs will drain the budget.



One thought on “At Toasty’s Coffee Shop, They Just Want to Warm You Up

  1. Bob

    Hi Beth, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for that story. Educating these kids is so important to give them a chance at a normal life. One of my friends has gone to a similar school in Boston and it’s amazing to see him work and live now.


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